Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Finding your way

This is the finished Noro entrelac creation, which has found it's way across the sea to New Zealand where it has apparently received a lot of compliments! Yay! I'm hoping to post a pic of the new owner soon.

I'm in Portland, OR, where I've found a fab yarn shop on NE Alberta St and there's no sales tax in Oregon! So I immediately bought some lovely soft yarn to make the French Girl Knits Niobe sweater. (Amazon link to the book at the bottom of the page).

In Portland I'm doing a course with Havi Brooks which is all about destuckification. In other words, changing old habits, making breakthroughs to move forward with projects, and flailing like a broken windmill. I'm finding knitting is a useful theme and metaphor for me during the course - my word for what we appear to be doing is 'unravelling'. I'll post about the outcome in a couple of days!

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