Friday, 16 September 2011

Yarn harvest...

I had a lovely visit to this North East Alberta yarn shop in Portland, Oregon and came away with some sparkly grey worsted for a sweater project.

This was the first day of a visit that involved a fair bit of Shiva Nata, a practice where you wave your arms around your head in increasingly complicated patterns until your brain becomes truly scrambled. It looks something like this:

Unravelling patterns and making up my own new ones (or maybe just making it up as I go along) was the theme of my visit to the Rally.

Calling this a surreal experience would be an understatement. Strange things happened, seemingly irrelevant activities provoked major insights and any attempt to do what you thought you were there for proved futile - although everyone came away having achieved way more than they thought possible. The magic of elastic time, shmurfling, weird costumes and interviewing monsters all played a part, but the Shiva Nata had the most powerful effect on me. After one session I lost the ability to write. I'm not kidding.

General Portland wackiness just added to the feeling that coming home again was a bit like landing after a trip to another planet. I'm full of fresh ideas and still making some adjustments. I'll find out soon if brain scrambling has any effect on my knitting...


  1. I'm tired as all heck but I was here with love: <3
    And a smile: :o)

  2. ((Meg))
    I thought of you while I was here, so by the magic of Rally and all-things-are-connected-ness (fractal flowers) you came along x


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