Thursday, 22 September 2011


My balcony is a great summer habitat.
But in cool, rainy Vancouver, it's useless in the winter.
I tend to retreat to spend long days in my office, for most of the year.

Here's the thing-
I'm not sure I'm all that 'productive' or even creative in my office.
My dream board was two years out of date for a start.
And it's set up to encourage being stuck in front of a screen all day.
Yet I know from past experience I have a lot of my creative ideas away from my desk.

I decided to give myself more options.
First I revamped my dream board and office space - to let in some current ideas:

Then I bought a few new items and rearranged some of my balcony items to make a new habitat:

This is just a small, sunny area at the back of our sitting room, which was unused.

I love the polystyrene head! I have really got into making hats. It's a great way to display them, and photograph them.

I've got some big fabric boxes from Ikea, for throwing knitting and collage supplies into so that I have these on hand. And pink moleskine journals for working things out and jotting down revelations.

Suddenly I feel as though I have way more choice about how and where I work or create around my home. Creativity is sneaking into every room, and it feels good! Plus there is a fluffy rug. If I Add a hot drink and light a scented candle and I think I've just doubled my enthusiasm to get things done.


  1. dear lord that looks inviting!!! and what do i see on the chair <3???

  2. something wonderful! Looking forward to sharing about that soon :-)

  3. snuggly :) good for you for making more *room* in your room for creativity :)

  4. thank you Dharma darling - a little comfort goes a long way :-)


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